Episode 3 – Supplemental Reading

Listen to Episode 3: The Sugar Is Too Damn High

Jamaican Sensation

Songs That Make Absolutely No Sense (and other jams we mentioned in this ep)

Backstreet Wants It THAT Way

I Want It That Way version 2 AKA the version that makes sense aka No Goodbyes

The Sugar Is Too Damn High

An ‘Added Sugar’ Label Is On The Way For Packaged Food {via NPR}

Ana’s Kale Salad

Ana's Kale Salad | That's Our Jam Podcast | Garlic, My Soul

Recipe from Jennie’s blog Garlic, My Soul

Olympics Make Us Cry

Team Refugee Olympic Athletes {via Bleacher Report}

That’s Our Jam

Jennie’s Jam: OurGroceries App

Traci’s Jam: Brooklyn

Jennie’s Blog ♦ Traci’s Blog 


Episode 2 – Supplemental Reading


And below are all the supplemental reading/listening items for your pleasure. Enjoy and see ya next time!

Secret Feminism in The Bartlet White House

They’ve Got You Trapped Rose

Additional Reading: Rose Dawson: The Girl Who Lived by Traci on Cookies + Sangria

Next Song Determines

TV With Traci


The Path


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fresh Off The Boat

**Bonus: Traci discussing the importance of FotB over on Cookies + Sangria**

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Amazing Race

Top Chef

MasterChef Junior

Anthony Bourdain Anything

That’s Our Jam

Jennie’s literal jam: Fig Butter from Trader Joe’s

Make a delish caramelized onion grilled cheese with fig butter using Jennie’s recipe at Garlic, My Soul!

Traci’s Jam: Episoder App