Episode 29 – Supplemental Reading

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And below are all the supplemental reading/listening items for your pleasure.

You TOO Can Take the Enneagram Test at “EclecticEnergies.com“!

Pablito’s Kitchen in Burbank, CA


Steve List, Agricultural Expert to the Stars (the “Stars” is Jennie)


Get on Your Feet: The Gloria and Emilio Estefan Musical

BONUS: Listen to the Gloria EsteFAN Starter Kit Playlist we made you!

Episode 29: Basically, We’re Selfless

That's Our Jam
Episode 29: Basically, We're Selfless

Bad Gloria Estefan karaoke aside, we’ve got a great episode for you! We took a personality test to find out if we’re compatible as friends, and Cliffhanger Cuisine is back with Peruvian food that will make your mouth water.

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