Episode 3: The Sugar Is Too Damn High

That's Our Jam
That's Our Jam
Episode 3: The Sugar Is Too Damn High

Our Olympics fever begins and so do our emotional tears over underdog athletes. We also talk about pop songs that make absolutely no sense and the new food labelling that’s taking over America. 

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Episode 3 – Supplemental Reading

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Jamaican Sensation

Songs That Make Absolutely No Sense (and other jams we mentioned in this ep)

Backstreet Wants It THAT Way

I Want It That Way version 2 AKA the version that makes sense aka No Goodbyes

The Sugar Is Too Damn High

An ‘Added Sugar’ Label Is On The Way For Packaged Food {via NPR}

Ana’s Kale Salad

Ana's Kale Salad | That's Our Jam Podcast | Garlic, My Soul

Recipe from Jennie’s blog Garlic, My Soul

Olympics Make Us Cry

Team Refugee Olympic Athletes {via Bleacher Report}

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