Episode 2 – Supplemental Reading


And below are all the supplemental reading/listening items for your pleasure. Enjoy and see ya next time!

Secret Feminism in The Bartlet White House

They’ve Got You Trapped Rose

Additional Reading: Rose Dawson: The Girl Who Lived by Traci on Cookies + Sangria

Next Song Determines

TV With Traci


The Path


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fresh Off The Boat

**Bonus: Traci discussing the importance of FotB over on Cookies + Sangria**

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The Amazing Race

Top Chef

MasterChef Junior

Anthony Bourdain Anything

That’s Our Jam

Jennie’s literal jam: Fig Butter from Trader Joe’s

Make a delish caramelized onion grilled cheese with fig butter using Jennie’s recipe at Garlic, My Soul!

Traci’s Jam: Episoder App

Episode 2: I Can’t Freestyle Rap

That's Our Jam
That's Our Jam
Episode 2: I Can't Freestyle Rap

We got picked up to series! Celebrate with us as we discuss secret feminism, how your music library can determine the course of your life, Traci’s TV suggestions for your summer viewing, and literal jam.

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